The Process

Step 1 (Initial Assessment)

  • The complaint is reviewed and a decision made if it falls within scope, in accordance with 1.1 of the Scheme Rules
  • In the event that a complaint cannot be accepted, the Passenger will be notified of this within three weeks.

Step 2

  • The complaint is passed to the Airline, which then has up to 28 days to confirm that it either wishes to defend or settle the complaint.
  • If the Airline agrees to settle the complaint, the Airline has 30 days to implement the agreed remedy (such as pay compensation).
  • If the Airline elects to defend the complaint, the Passenger will be given 7 calendar days to provide any comment on the defence, if it raises any new information or evidence that was not provided in the Deadlock Letter (Passenger Response).

Step 3

  • Following the Passenger Response, AviationADR will notify the parties that it has a ‘Complete Complaint File’. From this stage, no further information or evidence may be submitted by either party, unless the Chief Adjudicator of AviationADR authorises such submission.

Step 4

  • At this stage, the complaint is dealt with by the Adjudicator’s office where a determination is made in writing. Determinations are produced within 90 calendar days of announcement of the Complete Complaint File. If the complaint is highly complex, AviationADR may extend the 90 day period, but must advise both parties of the additional time needed to make the Determination.


Please note:

Oral hearings (ie: face to face meetings or tele-conferences) will only take place if both parties agree.