Important information to read before completing the complaint form:

  1. Completing the form

1.1 The complaint form asks for you i) your personal details ii) details of your flight (such as the departure and destination airports, flight number, time of flight and airline and iii) details of your claim and evidence in support.

1.2 The adjudicator will make a decision based on the information and evidence provided by both parties. It is therefore vitally important to your claim that you provide full and accurate details and as much evidence in support as possible. Failure to do this will jeopardise your complaint.

1.3 If you are unsure about any part of the form or do not have certain information or evidence to hand, you can save the form and come back to it.

1.4 Once you have submitted the form you will not be able to submit any further information or evidence unless we invite you to do so. It is therefore important that you do not submit the form until you are certain that it is fully completed.

2. The process

Once you have submitted your complaint form, your case will go through the following process: