Letter of Authority form

Please complete this form if you want to authorise another person to act on your behalf. You could ask a friend, relative or another service provider but check first whether they will charge you for this. You can change or cancel this authority at any time by contacting us on 0203 540 8063.

Click the link below to download and complete the form:

  • Passenger Letter of Authority Form – PDF (Please use this form if you are a passenger claiming compensation on behalf of another passenger)
  • CMC/SOLICITORS Letter of Authority Form- PDF  (Please use this form if you are CMC/Solicitor claiming compensation on behalf of a passenger)

If you have any issues or difficulties in downloading, filling, and uploading the Letter of Authority (LOA), please click here.

You can email the completed form to us: enquiries@aviationadr.org.uk

Or write to us:

Stratford Office Village
12 Walker Avenue, Wolverton
Milton Keynes
MK12 5TW