About Us

Aviation ADR is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme which helps resolve disputes between passengers and airlines/airports.

Use of the Aviation ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme is FREE to passengers and can be submitted without the need for any independent advice or third-party representation.

Purpose and scope:

The main purpose of Aviation ADR scheme is:

  1. The receipt and handling of unresolved disputes that fall within jurisdiction as defined within these Scheme Rules (“Complaints”), in relation to companies that are a member of Aviation ADR (“Members”);
  2. The resolution, settlement and/or withdrawal of Complaints or disputes between Members and any of their customers;
  3. Where appropriate, to administer remedies and provide redress in relation to Complaints between Members and their customers;
  4. Where appropriate to make recommendations to Members about their policies, procedures or the provision of services.

Aviation ADR is set up as a limited by guarantee company and has three parts to its structure:

  1. Aviation ADR Office (administration and adjudicators)
  2. The Office of the Adjudicator
  3. Aviation ADR Standards Board

Complaints start and finish with the Adjudicator. In his decisions, he is impartial and independent of Aviation ADR Office, Aviation ADR Standards Board and all outside influences.

Integrity and Independence

Our independent status is at the heart of everything that we do, as is our commitment to openness, honesty and integrity and we recognise the importance of this to everyone that relies on our services.

Independent Standards Board (“Board”)

To help preserve our independence and provide an invaluable set of checks and balances on our work, The Board acts to regulate how we operate. All board members share our vision of inspiring complainant confidence and raising industry standards and do so on a voluntary basis.

The Board regularly reviews a cross section of our adjudications, to ensure they are both fair and reasonable. It also oversees our rules, practices and procedures.

The Board is governed by the Board Constitution.

Our Powers

a. To direct that a Member take, or desist from taking, such steps as he may specify, including the issuing of a formal apology to the Complainant;

b. To direct that a Member pay the Complainant a financial Award, in full and final settlement, not exceeding £25,000 by way of compensation for i) actual proven financial loss and/or aggravation, distress and/or inconvenience caused by the act(s) or omission(s) which was/were the subject matter of the complaint and/or ii) any reasonable proven costs incurred by the complainant in bringing the complaint.

If the provider is a member of Aviation ADR, they will be contractually obligated to implement our decision.

Ways to Complain

There are two (2) ways to bring your complaint to Aviation ADR:


You can download our paper complaint form here and send the completed form to:

Aviation ADR
Stratford Office Village
Unit 12 Walker Avenue, Wolverton
Milton Keynes
MK12 5TW


If you have access to the Internet you can file your complaint via our online portal. To access this, simply go to the homepage of the website and click on ‘START MY COMPLAINT’. As soon as you have filed your complaint you will be taken to your own personal portal page. This page provides you with live information about your claim so that you can check the progress at any time of day. Or just simply click here.